Below is a breakdown of basic trip information to answer some of your preliminary questions.


This list of Frequently Asked Questions is ever evolving, as we try to address new questions as they arise.

Please check out the list of questions below the Basic Trip Information panel. If you have any pressing questions or questions that are not answered anywhere on this website, PLEASE don't hesitate to contact us via phone or e-mail.  See our CONTACT page.

Frequently Asked Questions How do I sign up (register) for the WSEF, IAA, or CHI ride?
Fill out and submit the Registration Application found on the REGISTER of the website. Are riders required to pay a REGISTRATION FEE? YES.
The Registration Fee is a flat fee of $100 USD. This fee covers the cost of gear provided to you for the ride (1 Jersey, 1 shorts or Bib, 1 T-shirt, 1 safety triangle) and expenses necessary to execute the trip (e.g. vehicle and trailer operational and maintenance expenses, leadership training and organization materials). By when does the registration fee have to be paid? h
Riders will issued a secure invoice within 24-48 hours of receipt of ther Registration Application. Riders have 10 days from the invoice issue date to pay their registration fee (unless the rider request a payment plan). What are PAYMENT PLAN OPTIONS for paying the REGISTRATION FEE? h
You may request to pay your registration fee by paying in installments. The minimum amount per installment you must pay is $30, an initial payment must be made within 10 days, and you may take no longer than 4 weeks to submit your total $100 due. h
To request a payment plan, email (Subject: Request Payment Plan). In your email state the minimum amount you are able to pay. You will receive an outline of your payment plan via email, and invoices will be emailed to you through out the course of your payment plan at rate based upon your plan. You may pay more than your minimum amount due if you so choose. Is there a REFUND POLICY in case I must withdraw from the ride? YES.
Withdrawal from the WSEF ride by the following deadlines* will permit you to request a refund of the stated percentages relative to withdrawal date: Prior to or on Dec. 31, 2013: 80% Refund
Prior to or on Jan. 31, 2014: 50% Refund
Prior to or on Feb. 28, 2014: 25% Refund
On March 1, 2014 or later: No Refund (0%) WITHDRAWAL & REFUND POLICY:
Withdrawal from the IAA ride by the following deadlines* will permit you to request a refund of the stated percentages relative to withdrawal date: Prior to or on March 20, 2014: 80% Refund
Prior to or on April 20, 2014: 50% Refund
Prior to or on May 20, 2014: 25% Refund
On June 20, 2014 or later: No Refund (0%) Your submission of the $100 Registration Fee is considered your signature confirming that you understand and agree to the "WITHDRAWAL & REFUND POLICY" stated above. What does my FUNDRAISING committment involve?
- All riders commit to fundraising $1000 for the Walter Spohn Education Fund (WSEF) or the International Anaplastology Association (IAA).
- Riders who do not raise at least $800 by May 15th (WSEF) or September 5th (IAA) will not be permitted to join the ride, all funds raised up to that point will remain with the recipient (WSEF) and will not be returned to donors. h
- Riders who do raise $800 by May 15th/Sept 5th BUT do not raise $1000 by the start of the trip will not receive their WM cycling jersey and shorts/bib . h
- All riders will receive an email outlining details about how your online profile can be shared to solicit donations, tips/ideas for raising money, and promotional materials for web and print. Do I have to be an experienced cyclist to join this ride? NO.
This ride is open to cyclists of all experience levels. HOWEVER, in order to be prepared for the trek, riders should commit to cycling at least 500 miles prior to the trip.
A basic safety & skills test will be conducted at Ride Orientation (Day 1 in Denver or Nashville) to ensure you will be safe and ready to hit the road. Will I have to take a ROAD SAFETY QUIZ before the trip? YES.
A tutorial on Road Safety for Cyclists will be sent to you (reviewing hand signals, riding formations, road laws, etc.). You will have an unlimited number of times to take the quiz, but you must obtain a score of 100%. This is just to make sure we're all on the same page, speaking the same language. Do I have to wear a helmet? YES. Do I have to wear a safety triangle? YES.
This neon accessory is totally fashion forward and provided for you! You just have to clip in on to you pack or bike. Do I have to wear my WM Cycling Jersey? NO.
You can wear whatever you want. It's recommended you wear cycling clothes made to keep your skin protected and healthy, but we're all adults here so it's totally up to you. May I drink alcohol? h
Again, we're all adults, so it's your call. We highly encourage you to be smart and use good judgment, you know your body best. Remember that high altitude and physical activity can affect the way your body processes alcohol, usually lowering your tolerance. For your safety and for others on the road, we recommend waiting until you finish riding for the day before "tossin' em back." Do I have to have health insurance? YES.
You must provide proof of health coverage for the duration of the trip. However, if you do not regularly have health insurance, there are options for "Travel Insurance" plans that cover bike touring. See HEALTH COVERAGE. Is the Worthwhile Mile a non-profit organization?
No, it is an independent project that organizes events promoting health and adventure while raising awareness and funds for worthy non-profit causes. All rider-raised funds raised through these events go directly to organizations with IRS-recognized non-profit, tax-exempt status. The WM aims to be a registered 501c3 by 2015. Nonetheless, as an independent project, the WM does not seek profit. Funds acquired through rider registration fees and sponsorships are used exclusively for execution of the project. WM financial transactions are available to the public upon request. How can I become a trip leader? h
Send an e-mail to (subject: Leadership Opportunities), tell us about yourself and WM Organizers will get in touch with you.

What should I expect regarding the terrain and environment on this trip?


These rides take place in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains. That said, you should expect to do some climbing. There will be a handful of 10+ mile stretches of increasing elevation with varying grades of steepness. The highest elevation we'll climb to is 11, 312 ft (Monarch Pass, Colorado). It's so worth it! There will also be downhill stretches with significant grades of steepness. Depending on your comfort level with descending, you may find this the most exhilarating part of the ride or it may make you a bit more nervous. Be honest with yourself and take the time you need. All of the routes we will take have been traveled and/or evaluated by the trip organizers and are well-toured cycling routes.


The ride is in early June, so the weather will range from chilly to perfect. Temperature can change rather dramatically with elevation change, so you'll want to be prepared to don and shed layers.

How should I train?


How and to what extent you should train is honestly relative to you, your exposure to climbing, sharing the road with automobile traffic, etc. That said, here are some STRONG recommendations:


- Get in at least 500 miles of riding prior to the trip.

- Get in at least one ride of 65 miles or more.

- At least one ride of 100 miles would be even better.

- Practice climbing and/or training with resistance (this can be done with a stationary trainer*, in a spin class, or

  out in the wild!).

- Try to get yourself on hills, not only to get used to shifting gears, but also to get comfortable with the downhills.

- Practice riding with a hydration pack (no more than 2 Liters).

- Ride in the rain.

- Ride when it's cold.

- Ride on car-traveled roads with more narrow (but not unsafe) shoulders. You'll want to be used to passing traffic.

- Practice riding with other riders to get an idea of how to signal and communicate on the road.


If you are a less experienced cyclist or you're less certain of your training needs, below is a TRAINING SCHEDULE that is helpful to prepare a cyclist of any level for a week long tour.


The TRAINING SCHEDULE above is based on recommendations provided by the Denver Post's Ride the Rockies.
- This schedule is meant to serve as a rough guideline only. h
- Recommended mileages are approximate. Do not stress over attempting to match this schedule precisely. What matters is that you build up a total mileage following a training program similar to the one provided to ensure you're prepared for 400+ mile mountainous ride.
- Climbing is a major part of this ride. Try to ensure your training schedule incorporates an adequate amount of climbing and/or resistance work that will reflect the climbing challenges of this ride. This will become more crucial as the ride approaches.
- Challenge yourself to ride at greater intensity as you proceed with training, but remember to relax and ride easy if your body needs the break. This is about having fun!
- Again, enjoy the process of preparing for your ride and remember this is about having fun! "Some cycling novices who don’t partake in any regular exercise may find the first week’s schedule of 3 rides totaling 40 miles too challenging. If this is you, consult a physician before starting any program of physical exercise. Once you’ve been given the green light, we recommend you extend this schedule by four to six weeks. Begin by walking a couple days per week and riding just one or two days per week. After a few weeks, ease your bike time up toward the point where you can begin with this schedule." (Source:



There are a variety of travel insurance providers who offer emergency health coverage. Markel Insurance offers Bike & Medical coverage plans. World Nomads is a reputable provider offering coverage for adventures as short as 1 Week for as little as $49 USD. Also check out options through


Give 'em a look:

Markel Insurance (Bike & Medical)

World Nomads




How do I get back to Denver? Nashville?

Riders will may shuttle back to their starting city (Denver/Nashville) on the day after the last ride day

WSEF Shuttle Day - June 10th

IAA Shuttle Day - Sept 27th



Will you have an amazing time, make memories for a lifetime and wish the ride would never end?